Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Launch: Another Festivus Miracle

Despite a big drop in temperature outside and a morning downpour, we had another successful, if not soggy, launch getting the kids to school today. No kicking and screaming (by any of us, including me). A little children's Motrin, a tight hug with a firm back rub and a good night's seem to do the trick for Robbie.

I'm looking forward to more days like these. I know he's trying his best. It's us parents who forget what's going on. Many of the challenges he's had over the past few weeks have been because the effects of his bronchitis from last month continue to linger. Sometimes I think I need someone to write a social story for me:

When Robbie is having a tough day, he might not be feeling well.

You have no idea how that simple phrase could have saved us days of grief over the past few years. When the tantrums come, though, logical thought is usually the first casualty. The focus on calming him (and ourselves) often overlooks the potential causes. It's a good thing I don't wear spurs. I'd have holes in my calves from the number of times I've kicked myself over this.

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