Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Cause: Investigating One Angle

This article was posted on NDNation. The featured couple are friends of a friend.

I like how the article tackles the "cause of autism" debate:

There is much debate about what causes the disorder. But this story is strictly about how genetics could play a role....Autism is so complex researchers and parents are exploring causes from every angle. This is just one approach and would not apply to every child because there is such a wide spectrum.

I like that the article does not engage in the debate but rather explores one option. As parents, the "cause" debate can become a passionate one. Because we believe genetics played a heavy role in Robbie's autism, I'm drawn to this article. But as the article says "this is just one approach."

While we believe genetics played a role, I know many people who believe vaccines played a significant role in their child's autism. Who am I to say they're wrong because I've had a different experience? I encourage parents to do their own homework, perform their own research and come to their own conclusions. Don't listen to what I say or what anyone else says. Our experience may not be applicable to yours. You know your child best - you're in charge.

This is just one angle.


  1. This is a good point! I hadn't seen this article! Love you! Joy

  2. In our case, we're almost positive it was Andy's difficult birth; he came into the world blue, with his head smooshed at a tough angle; they almost lost him.