Monday, May 4, 2009

The Mispronunciation: Or Was it?

Remember the TV game show, The Liar's Club? The most recent version of it taped in the late 70's with Allen Ludden (of Password fame and of Mr. Betty White fame) as the host. Regular panelists included White, Larry Hovis (aka Sgt. Carter of Hogan's Heroes), Peter Marshall (of The Hollywood Squares) and David Letterman.

The game included some ridiculous object that the panelists had to study and then provide goofy explanations for its purpose. The players then wagered on which panelist they thought was telling the truth.

Apparently, Robbie wants to start his own Liar's Club, in the form of a company called The Liar's Office. Truth be told, his vision isn't really all that similar to the game show. I just thought the The Liar's Club made a better introduction because I've been watching a lot of old Hogan's Heroes reruns lately.

Anyhow, here's the story of The Liar's Office:

The other day, Joy and Robbie were working in her office when Robbie came over to show her his latest drawing - a drawing of his "company". He pointed to one area of the drawing and said, "This is for my employees. They have a TV. Do employees have TVs to watch?" Apparently, he is going to be a benevolent leader of his company.

"Sometimes in the break room they do," Joy replied. "What kind of company is this?"

"This is the liar's office," he said with a big grin, proud of his latest accomplishment. Joy, on the other hand, was taken aback.

"What?" she began. "This is a liar's office?"

"Yes, liar's office," he replied undeterred. Joy was still perplexed.

"Hmmm....what kind of office is it? What do they do?" she asked. But Robbie held his ground.

"It's the liar's office."

Joy was convinced that Robbie had seen this idea somewhere, probably on the Internet, and she also knew for a seven-year old he is an amazing speller. As she racked her brain to try to figure out what he meant, it dawned on her.

"Robbie," she began. "Do you spell 'liar' L-A-W-Y-E-R?"

"Yes! That's it!" he responded with glee. "The Liar's Office!"

Joy roared with laughter and then corrected him in how to properly pronounce "lawyer" - though it's hard to say he was far off.

"I guess liar and lawyer can be the same sometimes," she added.

"Yeah," Robbie agreed. He remained unaware of the profoundness of his observation.

Not A Legal Notice: Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing stated herein or implied in any way represents the author's opinion of the legal profession, its participants or its practices. The statements set forth above are provided for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered actionable nor are there any remedies available by law that the author is aware of but then again, he's not an attorney so his opinion should not be considered. Even this statement should not be considered binding, viable or even accurate and has not been provided by anyone who knows anything about the law, the legal profession or its participants and should be ignored in perpetuity.


  1. That's a great, every-day sort of story - all parents can identify with it! Elliot must have been about 18 months and wasn't speaking very clearly yet, he's running around crying and shouting "dum dum dum". I remind him that we don't say, "dumb." He sticks his thumb in my face and says, "dum!"

    I've got you in my feed reader now and am catching up on your posts. I like them! You're not writing the glossy, my kid won't be a statistic because X, Y and Z. It's authentic.

    And yes, you can use that on the back of your book :)

  2. Thanks, Catherine! I appreciate the comments. I hope I can use them on the book someday.