Monday, April 20, 2009

The Classroom Update: Still a Winner

I meant to post this last Friday but a last minute decision to go to the Notre Dame Blue & Gold game in South Bend overshadowed the post.

It's been over a month since Robbie moved into a new first grade classroom and it's hard to call it anything other than a complete success. Today was yet another flawless launch. The two most important measures are: a) his ability to get up and go to school; and b) his ability to perform the work required of him during the day. Again, the scores on both accounts are sky high. As for a), we've had only one very bad day in the morning since the change. We've had several days where he's pleasantly woken up, gotten dressed, gotten into the car, gotten out of the car and made it into his classroom without a fight or tantrum at any point along the way. Prior to the change, getting through all of those gates pleasantly was close to impossible. As for b), his new teacher sends home daily progress reports and he's doing more work in the classroom than ever.

At times like this, I enjoy admitting when I'm wrong.


  1. Ha!Ha! You were wrong! YEA!

    Continued good wishes sent your way.

    Kelly Tyler

  2. Thanks, Kelly. It's good to be wrong sometimes.